bengel custom homes

The Prairie Farm Project has partnered with Bengel Custom Homes in Leduc as a site for our weekly box drop-offs. Erica Engel, one half of Bengel Custom Homes, grew up in Castor, Alberta, and is a sister to Nikki Wiart (Lady's Hat Farm), and cousin to Ian Griebel (RedTail Farms).

Bengel Custom Homes is owned and operated by Brad Engel. He was raised in rural Alberta by his mother and father who ran a home building business, which was originally started by his grandfather. Upon finishing high school, Brad continued working for his father and attended carpentry school, obtaining his red seal by age 19. After completing trade school, Brad continued building custom homes with his father, taking on role of foreman, which gave him experience interacting with customers and trades. In 2002, Brad was approached by the owner of a volume home building company, where he excelled and advanced in his position. After developing a reputation in Edmonton, Brad went on to explore the opportunities that had presented themselves and went on his own as a builder. A short time after starting Bengel, Brad's father came to work full time to help with the growing business. With over 35 years' experience in the industry and a background in cabinetry and finishing carpentry. His abilities, combined with Brad's has given Bengel an edge in construction and elevated the quality of our custom homes.

Bengel Custom Homes has been incorporated since February 2007. Some of Bengel's earlier jobs involved the construction of high end homes and multiple commercial renovations in the Edmonton area. All projects included design, finish, selections, as well as all material, labor and trades required to complete the job. Bengel has since built numerous mid to high end homes in rural estate settings, which is where their passion lies. The Bengel team is knowledgeable in energy efficient construction and design which is incorporated whenever possible. They will revise your designs as many times as you need and will do what it takes to create a plan that excites us both.

Using three generations of experience, combined with a deep-seeded passion for home construction, Bengel builds every home as if it were its own.


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